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Olilab Black shampoo

OLILAB Aktivderm + PSO shampoo


PRICE: 19,00 EUR

If you suffer from hair loss and if you have dandruff, irritation and redness, try OLILAB Aktivderm+PSO shampoo.

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  • An innovative formula for a healthy look of your hair
  • For severe cases of dandruff.
  • Quicky can calm down strong symptoms of redness and irritation.
  • It can stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth.
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With the use of OLILAB Aktivderm + PSO shampoo your hair will be clean and your scalp healthy. Shampoo has naturally light brown color, great foaming ability, density and purity.

OLILAB Aktivderm + PSO shampoo does not contain parabens, synthetic fragrances and dyes

Effect of Olilab Aktivderm + PSO shampoo


Reduces dandruff

It can reduce the appearance of white or gray flakes on the scalp and hair. Increased flaking, irritation all over the scalp and a burning sensation, are a sign of severe scalp inflammation.


Reduces redness

Redness occurs as a result of a certain stimulus on the scalp or as a reaction to the inflammation. Treatment of sensitive and problematic skincare requires cautious skin treatment. Otherwise occurs: irritation, allergic reaction to the product or infection.


Soothes irritation

Dandruff and redness already present on the scalp, in most cases lead to irritation. Excessive growth of fungi can cause frequent irritation and damage to the scalp (due to scratching), but very often these wounds heal slowly, and the skin burns after product application.


Reduces hair loss and stimulates hair growth

Hair loss and hair growth are normal processes. One of the reasons for hair loss on the scalp can be infection of the scalp. At different age groups, hair loss occurs which can be reduced by continuous use of the shampoo. Prerequisites for new hair growth are healthy scalp and follicle root.


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