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Action of components - effect


Mild antibacterial activity

The scalp is exposed to external factors over which the microorganisms come to the hair. Shampoo with its active action can reduce and regulate the presence of bacteria on the scalp, thus preventing their uncontrollable reproduction in the event of the infection.


Keratolic effect

Improves scaling and removes dead skin cells - cleanses the skin. Regulates the secretion of sebum on the scalp and stimulates the formation of new cells.


Antifungal action

It can reduce irritation and eliminate excessive dandruff caused by genus of fungus Mallasezia which are an integral part of the natural flora of the scalp. Increase of the presence of fungi, which is fed from the sebum lipids, disrupts the natural protection of the scalp.


Regenerative action

It accelerates the natural process of renewal of the scalp. Penetrates deep into the pores of the scalp and may help in maintenance of optimal skin moisture.




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